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 Bittersweet Duo
​​Michelle Parto​

Michelle was born and raised in South Philadelphia. At the age of 18 her parents moved to Shamong NJ. When her parents made the major move, she did not know which career direction she would pursue. She certainly had no clue that she could sing. Because of her shyness and lack of confidence, her Mom knew she had to do something with her! She started going to Kathy Donahue Modeling school, not to be a model, but to meet new people and find herself! Kathy guided her and found out what Michelle enjoyed and that was music! That's when the magic began. Kathy put her in touch with a vocal teacher by the name of Elaine O'Donnell! It was an instant connection! Elaine was a professional singer and performed all over! After about 6 or 7 months of working with Michelle, Elaine invited her parents and asked Michelle to sing at a club called Pier 111 in Berlin NJ. Michelle remembers that night so well. When it was time for her to perform, she could not stop shaking, so she turned her back to the audience! After her performance everyone applauded! That's when she knew this was going to be her life forever! It took awhile for her at first to finally learn to turn around and sing to the audience, but now the stage is her home! It's been an incredible journey for her! She has recorded with some well known artists and she has performed with several bands through the years! And she feels very blessed to be where she is today and will continue her dream!

Anthony Wood

Anthony was born and raised in Camden NJ. He started playing drums at the age of 5 years old! Listening to Gospel & R&B Music, he began playing the guitar at the age of 9 and by the age of 12 he started playing piano, singing and composing his own songs! He was influenced by his mother a great deal, who sang and played Gospel music. Somehow at an early age he knew he had the gift of music and wanted to share it with the world! When he reached high school, he participated in all the bands and choirs he could. He was also cofounder of his R&B Band, Phire with classmate Douglass Lyons. He gravitated towards acting & performed in many high school plays, for which he received a Thespian Award for the best actor in high school! Anthony has traveled abroad to perform including Japan, Aruba, Alaska & Canada! Anthony continues to follow his dream, and is enjoying every step of the way in his musical career. He feels blessed to be making a living doing something he really loves and touching people's heart with his music.

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